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And you know what they say about boys with big noses and big lungs? Rafe Spall once told me that he knew that he'd made it as an actor only when interviews ceased referring to him as "the son of Timothy Spall".You can tell he's a bit of a rebel as he is brazenly drinking from a carton of Ribena. 'Listen: pink was the undercoat, it's now a nice rusty orange,'he says. I had been warned that Irons - 25-year-old model, actor and son of Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack - would be rather shy, but, on the contrary, he's wholly self-assured.

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read that', which is my worst nightmare." That all changed when he memorised a 30-page Neil La Bute script for a drama festival. "It was as much fun as I had ever had at school."Or not quite, as Irons was expelled from Bryanston, after a teacher caught him having sex (with a girl – it was a mixed public school), and after a gap year teaching drama to street children in Nepal, Irons decided to study the family trade, enrolling at Guildhall in London.

His highest-profile role to date has been in The Host, a Stephenie Meyer adaptation aimed squarely at the Twilight crowd and which brought with it inevitable comparisons to R-Patz."I've seen countless younger actors of my age who've been asked 'Are you the next R-Patz'? "Twilight was a phenomenon unto itself." Irons is reluctant to go down the franchise route.

'I was thinking, if I get this, they would probably pay a bit, there would be a lot of exposure - but I could pretty much bank on not having the kind of career I want.'He talks admiringly of Andrew Garfield and Tom Hardy, two young British actors who have made interesting career choices, and speaks of his love for Pinter and Stoppard: 'I want to have a career that lasts 60 years, not six.' He has a wariness of Hollywood and laughs at the ridiculous diets and the punishing vanity.

'At the end of a really, really, really horrible workout, the only thing I want to do is have a smoke,'he laughs.