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Other driver packages and installers that might help other frustrated Easy CAP users (some are duplicates but different driver versions), good luck!Yup we hit the 0 AUD per month billing limit for file hosting, the downloads links are now direct links to Google Drive.

The driver package that worked in Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10: I suspect this USB 2861 Device 5.8.306.0 – 3/6/2008 driver package hosted on the Microsoft Update Catalog is a newer driver release than the one I have working but I have not installed it so cannot confirm compatibility; in my mind, don’t fix something that ain’t broke…In fact, it doesn’t even know what to do with those ports once the BIOS hands over control to the installer image.If your BIOS has an option to turn off USB 3.0, that is probably the easiest option.If you have a reasonably new laptop with an Intel Wi Fi chipset then I have some good news.A set of new Intel Wi Fi drivers made available just a couple weeks ago, version if you’re playing along, finally adds the necessary driver-level support for the new native Virtual Wi Fi technology in Windows 7.