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They're not the only one who found this situation to be a fun one to play.

In the full length “Inside The Episode” segment, Dan Weiss said he didn't even realize they set themselves up for this until they got there.

Long co-wrote and produced the film in addition to starring, and it looks to be a funny and sweet indie with a potentially scene-stealing performance from Peter Dinklage as Long’s roommate. The film also stars Sienna Miller, Brendan Fraser, Busy Phillips, and Keir O’Connell.

We also spotted that Sophie's co-star Peter Dinklage had shared that very same sentiment, adding a fire emoji under the snap, and then a sunglasses emoji.

While the first of these extended scenes focused more on Dany's fitness for running a country as judged by Varys, the second was more dynamic, as the show found itself running a very different sort of War Room than it did in the first early seasons.

Gone were the white men who one could only tell apart via their differing styles of facial hair.

The main secret behind their strong relationship is off course trust and mutual understanding.He studied acting at Bennington College, starring in a number of amateur stage productions.His film debut was in Living in Oblivion (1995) and his breakthrough came with the comedy-drama The Station Agent (2003).spent time with all of the Starks and checked in with the Lannisters, the biggest chunk of time was given over to Team Targaryen.Dany's crew had not one, but two extended scenes around Dragonstone's famous Chamber of the Painted Table while she planned her conquest of Westeros because, as Peter Dinklage put it, women are running Dragonstone.