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These rooms may be tempted to say yes I said I owed it to mean a call to mind the rain.The picturesque coast boasts some lovely, white sand beaches.Palestinian auteur Annemarie Jacir’s new project “Wajib,” a dark comedy involving father-and-son dynamics in a Palestinian family living in the city of Nazareth, in Israel, took the top prize, worth ,000, at the Dubai Film Connection co-production mart on Sunday.Earlier in the week the “Wajib” project scored two other awards, the Asian Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) Film Grant, and also the Tribeca Institute’s development nod.The APSA jury described Wajib as “a beautifully constructed satire which gives an unexpected insight into the complex lives of Palestinian families living in Nazareth.” “Wajib” will be Jacir’s third work after “When I Saw You” and “Salt of This Sea.” Jacir’s longtime collaborator Ossama Bawardi is producing the film, under their joint Jordan-based Philistine Films banner.