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To receive assistance, a student must be enrolled in the current semester or for the next regular semester, if between semesters.Students must also present current LSU ID upon visiting the LSU Food Pantry.Full-time students pay student health fees, which provide them with unlimited visits to medical and mental health clinicians, health educators, and registered dietitians.LSU is committed to providing confidential, nonjudgmental and appropriate support services for all sexual assault survivors, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, ability, or whether or not they report the crime.Can you tell the difference between friends and dating?Just because you talk with your friend everyday, share lunch, and drop her home doesn’t mean she’s dating material.And when you know this, you’ll never make the mistake of asking your best friend out. It’s not necessary that your hobbies should match that of the other person in order to date him or her.There’s a fine line between liking someone and loving them. It’s not important to be friends first and then go out on a date. Romantic love mostly sparks with chemistry between two individuals. Your opinion may not be in line with the other person’s every time, yet you can successfully develop a relationship through mutual respect and understanding of each other’s emotions and beliefs. You cannot distinguish a fair weather friend and a true friend just by having coffee in a restaurant a couple of times.

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Alas, the real reason was the overwhelming amounts of work that were thrown at me before Thanksgiving break (and during the break).

But I think the bear-shark story sounds better, so we’ll go with that. With projects and exams, sorority obligations and study abroad applications, it’s too much.

LSU Cares is an initiative led by the Office of the Dean of Students that is dedicated to the well-being of students and promotes a community that cares about each of its members.

The LSU Office of the Dean of Students offers an online reporting system to help students, faculty, and staff submit concerns about: Potential violations of the LSU Code of Student Conduct The Student Health Center is composed of Medical Clinics, Mental Health Service, and the Wellness Education Department.