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Wounded in rampage About 150 mourners carrying flickering candles gathered at the St Mary's church wearing badges with her photo which said: "Forever in my heart!

" Two heart-shaped wreaths of white roses adorned her coffin.

This along with the “stereotypes” of Romanians in the UK – which is not that great! ( You would think that this is Paris but this is the belle view from the Palatul Parlamentului ) But let’s cut straight to the chase: Romania’s alrights – or at Bucharest is – that’s where I was based. Apart from the few Nigerian (and handful of East African) students at universities along with a very small but growing number of interracial relationships and marriages taking places – many black migrants and travellers pass through Romania instead of choosing to settle within Romania – at least according to my friends who engage in the migration sector.

I can’t speak for other countries such as Hungary, Serbia, Bulgarian and Slovakia, but few black people live in Romania.

I live in the UK and just recently been the subject of a scam, by a Romanian girl, who I learnt too late, was actually a man posing as a girl, and I had actually sent money, I lost around £600 (1100 euros), which I sent to this girl via Western Union to help her out.

The problem seems endemic in anyone from Nigeria, Russia or in my case Romania - and people have lost a lot of money, I just feel a total idiot sometimes for falling for this.

She was pulled out by firefighters who directed a boat towards her, but died in hospital on Thursday - two weeks after the attack.In a moving statement, her family and partner Andrei Burnaz said: “After fighting for her life for over two weeks, our beloved and irreplaceable Andreea - wonderful daughter, sister, partner, dedicated friend and the most unique and life loving person you can imagine - was cruelly and brutally ripped away from our lives in the most heartless and spiritless way.“She will always be remembered as our shining ray of light that will forever keep on shining in our hearts.“There are no words to even begin to describe the crushing pain and emptiness that is left in our hearts.”The Romanian tourist was on a short break to London with her boyfriend at the time of the shocking attack.He had been due to propose later that day, but their happiness was shattered when Masood drove an SUV down the pavement of Westminster Bridge.Basically, these people, live of our vulnerabilities, our desire to love and be loved, that inner spirit that cares for our fellow men, these leeches feed on that.We're talking about countries where there is no employment, poverty is everywhere, and they've discovered the internet as a means to make money, by whatever devious tricks they can use.