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That's why, he believes, he has sat in prison since October on a seven-to-15-year conviction for molesting three teenage girls at the rural Michigan high school where he volunteered.Curtis, 45, says he could have taken a misdemeanor plea, served a year and a half in county, and been home with his wife and six kids by now.All the lessons she could handle for free at work and when I finally had to take her to a course, she could break 100 on a good day. Justin Harper was Piper Halliwell's classmate and friend from high school.

Justin met the sisters and Leo while driving around his old neighborhood and stopped at the manor.

But he's an innocent man in his own mind, so he couldn't bring himself to swear on the Bible -- which he quotes frequently and encyclopedically during our two-hour interview at the Harrison Correctional Facility -- and admit to a crime he didn't commit.

As a major league baseball player, he wore a bracelet that said, "What would Jesus do?

There's nothing better than dating someone who's serious about golf. not much money working in the shop you guys are tough!

I had an ex who worked at a Golf Shop and decided to take up golf. wasn't intended to be a brag or outreach for "approval"..putting an "atypical" (at least i think) experience out there...