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Most of the records we hold in this subject area relate to the administration and policy of health services.There was no central register of civilian nurses before 1921.The National Archives does not hold patients’ records and is not the best place to find information about doctors or nurses.However, this guide will help you find the doctors’ and nurses’ records that we do hold and some of the most significant collections held in other archives.

The new volunteer must remain in constant communication with and respond promptly to messages from the mentor.The Manual also includes information on quasi-official agencies, international organizations in which the United States participates, boards, committees, and commissions.Appendix C lists GPO FDsys and Senate and House of Representatives web sites.It is allowed for the basic HTML formatting of documents because of it’s extensive macro program and powerful “Find and Replace” capabilities.But documents “Saved” as a or file in this program have huge, unwieldy, non-standard HTML.

Archive dating guide and directory