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If you're Emilia Clarke, these kinds of things keep happening to you.Last month she toured the DMZ between North and South Korea with Arnold Schwarzenegger to promote -flavored quiz and treasure hunt put on by a social-networking company called Thinking Bob.It's aimed at people who want to make new friends in a strange new city.To be sexy means to be more than just physically stunning, because, unless you’re a teenager who doesn’t yet understand women, no lady likes to be known for just her looks.

I love that no matter what you put her in she looks confident, stylish, and yes, sexy.

It's just across the road from Hampstead Heath: eight hundred acres of hills, hedgerows, and countryside in the middle of London. It rained the night before, it will rain later that evening, but at lunchtime there's a kind of chilly truce and the overcast sky has a certain brightness to it.

Emilia comes out of the house to meet me—the buzzer isn't working, and she shouts instructions apologetically from the doorstep as I fumble with the garden gate.

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Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive is the sultry Emilia Clarke (AP) - It's most definitely Emilia Clarke's year.